The A16 Email

Anonymous, April 2000


Here are the private cell phone numbers of many cops on the DC police force including at the top Chief Ramsey. I am sure that the chief would be interested in your comments regarding the protests and the police brutality.

Read below to find out how the number was obtained.

Dear Friends,

I'm sure after this weekend you fit into one of three categories:

  1. You received the D.C. Treatment personally and want to thank them,
  2. You had a loved one or comrade who did and you need to vent, or
  3. You heard about and need to complain.

Well, guess what? we here at the Sleep Institute received an e.mail from one such complainer and knew we had to do something about it. So we called on an aquaintance who hooked us up with this short little list, which we've included below. Instead of bragging to your friends about that nice new head wound, call the people who gave it to you and thank them personally for the sweet treatment. Instead of wishing you could get some of the personal care, call the D.C. pigs and ask them about their personal version of the "Bill of Rights" and inquire how you could be tortured in some such way. Instead of wishing that you're local police force could learn to beat people's heads in indiscriminately, call Chief Ramsey himself and ask if he suggests the "D.C. throat swing" or the "metro cop nosebreaker". And above all, feel free to forward this list to your friends, we only ask that you include this handy dandy note here.

Thank you, and we'll see you at the next big action.
your friends at the Sleep Institute

{this list was provided by an undercover cop who was good enough to attempt to incite a riot, calling on protesters to punch cops, then become a police officer himself. We thank him for his slimeball tactics, and the phone he was kind enough to leave with us. A lot of these phone numbers are pretty similar, so we think that they're probably in the same force/department/pigpen, but we're not sure. Just remember kids: Direct Action Gets the Goods.}

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