Marx in Neue Rheinische Zeitung November 1848


Source: MECW Volume 8, p. 46;
Written: by Marx on November 20, 1848;
First published: in the Neue Rheinische Zeitung No. 148 (second edition), November 21, 1848.

Cologne, November 20.

Democrats of the Rhine Province,

instead of summoning Oberpräsident Eichmann, the well-known Chief Public Prosecutor Zweiffel has, through Examining Magistrate Leuthaus, summoned your Committee to appear tomorrow on a charge of public incitement to rebellion.

A scandal is expected; the Cologne Garrison Headquarters has made all preparations; in accordance with the order issued by a treacherous Ministry, on this occasion Cologne is to he declared in a state of siege.

Frustrate this hope. Whatever may befall us, conduct yourselves calmly.

The Congress is going to take place under any circumstances.[60]

The Rhine Province will sooner shed its last drop of blood than submit to the rule of the sword.

Karl Marx, Karl Schapper, Schneider II