Sunday, July 08, 2007


So we wanted the post below to stay at the top a little bit longer, but we wanted to tell everyone about the new additions. Besides a house-cleaning of sorts, fixing old mistakes from the first readings, we added some links into our popular world map. Not all, but some of the locations now link to specific texts in the site about them. That isn't the big news, though. We added a classic text that frankly should've been on the site a long time ago: Carter Godwin Woodson's The Mis-Education of the Negro .
Now, before we suggest that you read our post below seeking assistance from PHP and Drupal people (or funds to hire someone), we'd like to voice a complaint out into the wilderness of the internet. We've been hearing Nina Simone in commercials lately and it is irritating us: Nina is ours, she didn't get the honor she deserved when she was alive with us, and we certainly don't want to continue the insult by using her powerful voice to sell a stupid car. Listen to her music, but don't use it in commercials.
Now read the post below and uh, go stop the war.

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