Friday, December 08, 2006


The scum that was Jeanne Kirkpatrick is dead. Good. The blood on her hands was carved out of our histories, her crimes against Latin America were legion, and her name should only be mentioned followed by a brief curse under one's breath.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm........seems you have a little axe to grind.......could it be you have a double standard?

8:46 PM  
Blogger History Is A Weapon said...

Oh, that's a really perceptive nonsense argument. Because I hate the scum that was a vocal (and successful) proponent of death squads that murdered countless people, I somehow have "an axe to grind" and a "double standard." What do we get next? I'm a breathing carbon-based life form; maybe you think that means I should support bombing the middle east. Who knows when it's "illogic day."

6:39 AM  

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