Friday, July 04, 2008


  • Anti-integrationist
  • Opposed Martin Luther King day
  • Name is on the Helms-Burton act, the centerpiece of the embargo against Cuba
  • against ALL Affirmative Action programs
  • voted to bail out the savings and loan industry AND to slash school lunches for impoverished children, medical care for disabled veterans, prescription drugs for the elderly, and wages for working families
  • absolutely hated all gay people
  • supported apartheid in South Africa
  • From a Mother Jones article
    a staunch ally of right-wing military rulers like Augusto Pinochet in Chile, Raoul Cedras in Haiti, and Roberto D'Aubuisson in El Salvador. Confronted with evidence that D'Aubuisson directed death squads to murder civilians, Helms made it clear that some things are more important than human life. "All I know," he replied, "is that D'Aubuisson is a free enterprise man and deeply religious."
  • Routinely fought against AIDS research from the beginning, blaming people suffering from the disease for it.
  • In 1993, sang Dixie to the first african american senator, Carol Mosely-Braun, and promised to make her "cry."
  • Hell burns hotter tonight!