Sunday, July 23, 2006

Barry Bonds

I'm not a particular fan of Barry Bonds. Nothing personal, I got nothing going for him and he's the one eligible member of the baseball union who isn't a member. Unions are important, even for baseball players, and that seems like a pretty weak choice.
Bonds is not being criticized for that choice, however. He is being criticized for sticking a needle in his arm to beef up his muscles. For this, he is being called a criminal. America has, amid towering mountains of wealth, real gut-wrenching poverty and is engaged in a mutli-front illegal and immoral war for empire. We have a current political system in which criminality competes with slavish devotion to the worst tendencies of modern ultra-predator capitalism in a race to exploit and destroy people all over the world, from San Francisco to South Africa to Saudi Arabia. And then we have Barry Bonds. We have a known history of black American athletes being tossed to the sharks and a popular liberal discourse today that laments the dreams of millions of poor americans, of all colors, imagining that they can only escape their caste through sports or music. And then we have Barry Bonds. When we are examined by our children and their children and their children, these years we live in will be judged as some of the poorest examples of human conduct in all of history. A time when less and less of the people were fooled, but still stood and did nothing. And then we have the public reprimanding of Barry Bonds. I'm not a particular fan of Barry Bonds, but people need to quit focusing on one man and look at the system around him. We have a system that provides incredible amounts of wealth to the official performers, from the pundits to the athletes.
It is silly, when the emperor is running around naked and the greedy lords are ordering the world raped and pillaged, to stomach a show trial for one of the many jesters.


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