Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kenny Boy

There once was a crook on the right,
Who'd given all of california a fright,
brownouts bought his lexus,
he counted the prez among his exes,
But, friends, Hell Burns A Bit Hotter Tonight!

Burn, Baby, Burn!

We've noticed that most of the country's corporate news sources have taken a somber and moralistic tone in covering kenny boy's massive heart attack. We'd like to add to the litany of critical praise and sad lessons learnt with one simple plea: stick the body on a spit and roast him in the hot Texas sun as an example to all his cronies. How many poor people did he screw with his criminal energy bills? The man lent his jet to Bushie for his first presidential run! I was thinking the other day that when the chief criminal, Kissinger, dies, we're going to make a poster of all the corporate news shills and politicians and their empty words of praise and sorrow and place them square with his crimes. The headline of the poster could be something like "never trust these scum again." Anyway, that is a project for another day. For now, Hell burns a little hotter.

Kenny boy's mash note to Dubya


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