Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gil Scott-Heron sent to jail

Gil Scott-Heron, one of the world's premiere poets and wordsmiths, was sent to prison. History Is A Weapon features both his The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and Black History. Scott-Heron's unfortunate drug ordeals have been known for some time, but now the media has announced that Scott-Heron's HIV status as positive. He has been sent back to prison for violating a plea deal involving a rehab facility; he says that the rehab facility kept him from his needed HIV medication. Suffice to say, our hopes and prayers go out for the man.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am praying for Gil Scott Heron, he is in a insane denial about his drug addiction, he didnt want to go to rehab he was forced by the courts, so any reason he could muster he would leave, the reality of his addiction hasnt sinked in, I read about his ordeal and I see myself , I was a junkie for 15 years I have been clean 4 years. I at one time had a wife two sons beautiful family good career job 4 bedroom home in a nice neighborhood, bought a new car every few years, took vacations twice a year plenty of money in the bank, I was planning on sending my sons to college. I tried drugs and within about six months my happy life was unraveling and splitting apart, I lost my job, because of testing dirty for drugs and being a no show, I ran threw all the money in the bank and maxed out all me and my wife's credit cards , I didnt even pay the mortgage and I stole money from my children. My wife got tired she took our boys and moved to Hawaii. Another 6 months passed and I was homeless, stealing, pan handling and sleeping in abandoned cars and at park benches. I finally got tired of living like that when I had some brushes with the law because of my stealing, and I had been beating up and threatened with guns by people on the streets. I went to a rehab that let me live there for 9 months. Once I comepleted the stay I moved several hours from where I lived to get away from old influences. A fresh new start, now that I have a place to live and a job and I am on the road to having a normal life again, I still feel sadness about all the hurt and pain I caused people who did once love me, my wife and sons. When I got out of rehab I tried to contact them and found them on the internet my wife didnt trust that I was clean, my youngest son didnt know me anymore since he just a toddler when the drug demon took over me, my oldest son was happy to hear I have changed that he invited me to his high school graduation. I am getting my life back, and I hope Gil Scott Heron does that one day too.

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